Everything you Love

Selected for Canneseries in the Short Form Competition

DR Sales are excited to make an entrance at the Pink Carpet at Canneseries this April, where the thrilling Norwegian drama series ‘Everything you Love’ is nominated in the Short Form Competition. A big delegation from both DR Sales and creatives from Norway will be at the series’ international premiere on April 5th at 10 AM in Espace Miramar in Cannes. ‘Everything you Love’ is a 7-episode series that delves into the complex question of why some young white men become radicalized and commit right-wing extremist terrorism. The series’ two main protagonists are Jonas and Sara. They run into each other by coincidence when a subway train must be evacuated in the center of Oslo. They feel an instant fascination and attraction towards each other, and they fall in love. But Jonas has a dark secret. He’s becoming involved with the right-wing community both online and in real life – a strong contrast to Sara and their relationship. Jonas tries his best to lead a double life, but the deeper he gets into the right-wing extremist mindset, the harder it becomes. Jonas is a smart guy with a rational answer to everything. He can be warm and charming, but dark thoughts occupy his mind, and he feels a strong sense of brotherhood with the extremist right-wing community and a distance to almost everything else. The series is a poignant love story about falling for somebody who turns out to be a totally different person, and what you are willing to sacrifice for the ones you love. ‘Everything you Love’ is created by the talented Marie Hafting (Between Us, Borderliner, Young and Promising), directed by Stian Kristiansen (Home Ground, The Man Who Loved Yngve) and produced by Kaia Foss (Home for Christmas 2) for The Oslo Company. The characters Jonas and Sara are portrayed by the young talents Jakob Fort and Mina Fuglesteg Dale. The series is backed by the Norwegian Film Institute and Discovery Networks, who distributes the series in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, and Italy.